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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Orchard Project include and why now?
  • Nursery: Our nursery facility is, in a word, inadequate. The space we presently have for newborns and crawlers quickly becomes filled up. The nursery does not have enough space for our current needs and certainly no space for potential growth.  Located just inside the doors to our parking lot, our nursery is not located in the secure space young parents want for their children. We have received feedback from young families who want to attend our church but do not feel comfortable putting their children in our nursery. Our nursery facility is hindering our growth.
  • Children’s Ministry Space:  Our current space is wholly inadequate to meet the needs of the children presently attending The Orchard. Our current space fails “big time” in communicating “Welcome” to new families with younger children. The Phase II Children’s Ministry space also allows us to offer a Christian Preschool to our community during the week.
  • Small Group Space: The Orchard is known within our community to be a place where people can gather in small groups and find support, encouragement, and hope. The spiritual growth of adults in the life of The Orchard focuses upon meeting together in small groups. Presently, our small group spaces are maxed out almost every night of the week and during many days.
  • Offices: The Orchard has one office in our present space.  This space is primarily an administrative office.  The new addition will allow for offices that will be welcoming and appropriate for our pastoral and ministry staff. 
  • Warming Kitchen: The people of The Orchard love to gather together around a meal! We do our best now by bringing foods from home and icing up the coolers. We run extension cords for crock pots and griddles. A warming kitchen in Phase II will allow us to better serve the meals which provide fellowship and comfort to many.
  • Parking Lot - As the cost of construction has greatly increased in recent months, the focus of this phase of developing our ministry facilities will be on the addition.
How much are we trying to raise?
  • We are praying to raise $1,600,000
How soon will we break ground?
  • We broke ground in June 2022, with expected completion by the end of December 2022!